Mar. 13th, 2012

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I spent my March Retreat (now an official holiday on the Wheel of My Year) doing what I love best, taking retreat at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. This had been planned for a few weeks and when I saw that the focus for the fifth week of the Spiritual Nomads class involved sacred dance and sacred self-care, I just grinned at the syncronicity of it all.

Of course I can dance at home and embrace self-love and self-care in any setting, but taking refuge in a community of like-minded people makes it all the better. Together, we create the heat that burns changes into our core.  Together, we have fun doing exciting and scary new things. Even the most solitary of beings seeks the bonds of her Tribe when it feels right.

And as a Tribe, we practiced yoga, meditation, and we DANCED!  Here was more synchronicity.  I found dance in places that I've never found it before.  A class called "Movement as Medicine"--that was dance.  A kirtan--sacred chanting--and the leader invited any one who wanted, to get up and dance.  My dance is still very rooted in hand and body gestures, but my feet came alive this weekend. I was so filled with bliss that I started spinning and leaping, steps that Lord Shiva would know.  Steps that I've never danced in the past.  They came through from the heart and the body just followed. I haven't taken flight on wings of bliss in so long.

Now that I'm back home, I'm working to integrate my experiences into everyday life.  I may take a Wave dance class, if I can find one that is supportive and accepting of a body that is a work in progress. Or, I may take a Journey Dance class with Toni Bergins, like I did at Kripalu.
All the possibilites is the world are present.


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