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If I could change the calendar, New Year's day would be the first day of Spring.  Every January, I look out on the short bleak days and wonder what's so new about all of that? The perceptably lengthening days aren't enough for me.  I know that most years, there's still a whole lot of cold and dark weather ahead.

Most times, January finds me just beginning to stir from that wonderful place of stillness that I have slowly spiralled into. March finds me nearly unfolded and ready to rest in the pale sun for a few days before getting real with the season. My spring retreat has become a tradition and I am looking forward to the renewal that it brings.

Indigo kitten continues to inspire me.  She sees the world through round, excited blue eyes. She embodies the season that is coming.

Curiosity is a spring thing. So, perhaps is compassion.  Kuan Yin's birthday is celebrated on March 19, on that thin strip of time between winter and spring.

I am ready to set aside winter's sorrows.

I am ready to reinvent the wheel of the year and create a year of seasonal celebrations. Welcome to my new year!
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