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The midsummer sabbat didn't make it onto my personal Wheel of the Year. There is an empty space between my May retreat and my early July celebration to honor the farms. 

I now this is a turning point on the solar calendar, and I can feel it, much as I can sense the kettle is getting ready to boil. Just before that grumbling sound it makes, there is a sense of anticipation.

I am trying to see that in my life. I think must have rushed the season or planted early crops, because I feel like the winter's work has already unfolded itself to completion. Is there more to come, unplanned but welcome? That's an interesting thought.

A year ago, I sat at the Clearwater music festival and realized that I was being consumed by some of the people in my life. I was living in a gap between having found my creative 'voice' and actually producing anything with it. So much of my energy was being drained that I could only imagine but not produce anything. In the course of the year, I withdrew rather abruptly from the two people who had been the closest to me. Another beautiful cat came into my life and I found a new rhythm of my days. Back at the Clearwater festival last weekend, I realized that life may not be perfect, but it's damn good and that I am very happy with the large circle of people on the edges of my life. I needed room to breathe, room to dance.

I needed to study with Jude Hill and be inspired by the work of India Flint.

After the kettle boils, the tea gently steeps.  

Blessings to you as the solstice approaches.
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