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On New Year’s Day, my beloved Amber cat passed away. She would have turned seventeen later this month. Indigo kitten and I are still adjusting to life without our gentle little brown cat.

Amber was sweet, serious, and she had just enough spice to keep her from being too perfect.  For years, we had a gentle disagreement over the wicker chairs.  She liked to scratch them.  I always cautioned her that ‘nice cats don’t.’ She would look over her shoulder at me, scratching away at one of the chairs the whole time, silently asking, “Who says I’m a nice cat?” I found that incredibly endearing.

I loved her instinctive understanding of what was important to me. I took this photo a couple of years ago.  I had just taken this cloth from the loom, and she had to be there, napping, as I hemmed it.

May Bastet protect her and guide her on her journey.

cat mudra

Apr. 21st, 2011 10:20 am
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I haven't written about Amber in a while, my beautiful cat who continues to believe that cancer is just a bump on her forehead, not something that impacts her life.

She's strong and vibrant, nearly a year past a diagnosis that measured her life in months. She licks her bowl clean every morning and evening, and purrs with a delightfully raspy and LOUD voice.

We have a great evening routine. I spend some time in meditation. Traditionally, my hands should be in the cosmic mudra, palms up, fingers overlapping, thumbs touching to encircle the world with my hands.  Amber has another idea about that.  My hands are actually in 'cat' mudra, palms up, strongly held across my middle, so that Amber can rest her hind paws in my hands and reach up to place her front paws on my shoulder, snuggling and purring the whole time. Meditation on the breath?  It's more like meditation on the purr.

After meditation, I chant or sing for a while, she purrs even LOUDER, and when I'm silent she goes about her little cat things, while I go about the rest of my evening things.  It's a beautiful way to put the day to rights and fold it up for the night.

Do you and your cats have silly and special things that you do together?
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 My beloved Amber cat turned 16 years old today.  What a blessing each day is, because she still loves life and eagerly cleans her plate each morning and night.  We made the right decision back in May regarding her cancer treatment. Everything is focused on her comfort and the only treatments allowed have been non-invasive.

I am fortunate to have a compassionate vet who is willing to work with a good nutritionist.  A big shout out to Dr. Maria Violi of Stamen Animal Hospital and to Janis at Janis Cares.  Amber sends her love.
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 Thank you all for your love and support for Amber. We have decided that her quality of life is much more important than any desperate gamble for quantity of life.

She's still the same vibrant cat she was before the diagnosis and she is unfettered by any knowledge of what may unfold over time.

I think there is a lesson in this, at least for me.  Live fully in the moment. Tomorrow may come, but today is here and now.



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