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I'm back from the week at the cottage, filled with bliss and so relaxed that I make a cooked noodle look stiff. Yes, I had a good time. No, I didn't quite have a great time, but good is good.


Being in a community of people like me.
Lots of peace signs on the backs of (mostly hybrid) cars.
Shops that sell the kind of clothing and jewelry I wear.
Down quilts and cat snuggles on cold nights. Priceless.
Time to savor every bite of food. Healthy, natural food.
Vegetarian chopped liver. (Seriously. Google it if you don't believe me.)
Crows. Lots of them.

I wish I had spent more time at Kripalu. But, I wasn't alone on this vacation, and so most activities were things we both enjoy.
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This is the harvest season in the wheel of the year. We celebrated Lughnasad in early August, and will observe Mabon on the Equinox. I am savoring the gifts of the Goddess' table. Everything is so fresh and delicious. The sweet corn is surprisingly tender, but the harvest came late this year because early summer was cold and wet. There is something marvelous about food that was in the farmer's field in the morning and on my table at sunset. There is something wonderful about seeing the farm name on the chalkboard above the baskets of produce. I always include the farm in the blessings said over the food.

Today is a personal harvest day for me. I have reason to look back at the past year, and look forward to the next. It has been a year of people. I sat in this same cottage a year ago, struggling through my first pair of hand-knit socks. I came here for sanctuary; being in a familiar place put into perspective all the unfamiliar changes. Going forward, I see a year that focuses on my growth as an artisan and witch. In other words, this path suits me, and I am glad to see it continues on.

This year, the knitting comes easily to me, and I am seeking a different sort of sanctuary, a rest from a life that's a bit too full of people. I adore them all, and have interwoven my life's thread with theirs for now, but I still need to step away and focus on the ideas that only come into a quiet mind.

I am reading Anastasia by Vladimir Megré. It's one of those books that either is or isn't fiction, and it doesn't really matter. It's a beautiful story that reminds us how far we have strayed from our true nature and how we must re-establish our connections with the land. As you know, I am looking to buy a few acres of land in the next year or so. I already have the lock for the potting shed that doesn't yet exist, so I've made the symbolic gesture towards being settled in a new place.


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