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According to a poll on, 52.8% think daylight savings time should be abolished. Let's make it happen!
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This rant is fueled by that cranky, jet-lag feeling that daylight savings time gives me. I felt fine for most of the day, until I looked at the clock around 6PM and found myself nearly late for a 7PM dinner engagement. That's where I lost my hour, not in the middle of the night as Congress intended.

I'm sorry, but if you want more daylight, get up earlier or talk the Sun into working overtime.  Don't drag everyone else into it.  Now I have to sleep an hour later, eat lunch an hour later, and stay up an hour later, just to keep on doing what I did yesterday.

TIme is real, but the way we divide it is arbitrary and sometimes without reason.

Travel safely tomorrow morning, when you drag yourself out of bed an hour early.  Be careful of children waiting in the dark for the bus. Stay awake and pay attention. Be kind to yourself and others, knowing that you will feel off kilter for about a week, until your body gives up and ignores the natural rhythm of the past several months.

And while I have your attention, please write to your senators and representatives and ask that daylight savings time be repealed. Thank you.


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