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 Mabon Blessings to those who share in today's celebration! Happy Autumn everyone!

Yesterday I wrote about the harvest as a metaphor for our accomplishments. Today, I want to speak about the real thing. Growing vegetables. Being a farmer.

Throughout the year, I try to eat as much locally grown food as possible. My supper shouldn't have more frequent flyer miles than I do. Ideally, my food should come from my own garden, but I live in a place where it's only possible to grow window box herbs and the occasional tomato plant.

Memories of gardens past sustain me. Oh, the tender lettuce in spring. I had so much that I used to give it away. How I remember the warm, rich scent of tomatoes growing in the sun! Eating a fresh-picked  tomato in the field is a sensual, spiritual experience.

Dreams of future gardens sustain me. Next time, there will be a small orchard. A patch of grain. I want to breathe hope onto each seed before it is planted.

The gardens of my present are tended by others.  By shopping at the farmers' market, at least I know the names of the farms, and have met the farmers and their employees. My produce comes from their hands to mine.

Goddess bless the farmers. May this harvest continue to completion. Let winter be a time of rest and rejuvenation. May the springtime bring gentle rains and warm days. May everything grow with abundance through the summer. May we meet again. So mote it be!

These are the farmers who sustain me. I thank you from deep within my heart.

Adair Vineyards
Gaia's Breath Farm
Kontoulis Family Olive Oil
Meredith's Bread
Migliorelli Farm
Northwoods Apiaries
Orwasher's Bakery
Phillips Farms
Pomona Orchards
Ronnybrook Farm
The Orchards of Concklin
Tierra Farms
Yuno's Farm


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