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I received this request today from my High Priestess. Please add your signature to the petition. Thank you and Goddess bless!

Hello All

I'm sending you this letter for circulation as broadly as possible.
Please join us in signing online, and help distribute this letter to
others. I'm sorry to have to ask this, but PLEASE if you are Pagan or
Wiccan, we would appreciate it if you do not make reference to that
because, sadly, this will only make Fawza Falih's situation worse -
it is the reason, after all, that she is sentenced to beheading.
when you post to elists or boards, please add that request.

Let's get thousands of signatures as quickly as we can.

Thank you and blessings!!!!!


February 21, 2008

URGENT: Halt Woman's Execution for 'Witchcraft'

To Those Who Share Our Deep Concern:

Please join us in calling for the immediate pardon and release of
FAWZA FALIH, a Saudi Arabian woman who has been
sentenced to death by beheading for the alleged crime of
"witchcraft." As Human Rights Watch has declared, the conviction of
Fawza Falih is a travesty of justice.

A letter to His Royal Highness KING ABDULLAH has been drafted and
signed by clergy and members of various faith traditions. The letter
may be read online where you may also sign it. Please do so as soon
as possible at:

Please help to circulate this request for support as widely as
possible -- time is of the essence.

And please contact your congressional representatives immediately on this
issue. Ask them to contact the State Department immediately and send a
message from the US government on her behalf, to spare her life and
free her from jail.

Follow this link to find your representative by entering your Zip Code

Further information on the case is available at: )
Thank you for your help.

Rev. P. W. Curott, J.D., Assembly of World Religious Leaders
more... )


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