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 Sun and wind ushered in the last day of summer. Tonight is the equinox, beginning my favorite season. I am ready to turn inward and spend more time being than doing. I am looking forward to long evenings in my studio, and invigorating hikes in wild places.

Today, I enjoyed the company of my goddess sisters, as we broke bread together at noon and feasted on the harvest. We are blessed by the abundance in our lives.

I set my intention to reflect on my blessings, from now forward for a month to the next full moon.  I'll share them with my online sisters when I can.

Today, I am blessed by the continued company of my beloved Amber cat.  She has had many good days lately. Let's hope they continue.

How are you blessed by the Goddess today?
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 Mabon Blessings to those who share in today's celebration! Happy Autumn everyone!

Yesterday I wrote about the harvest as a metaphor for our accomplishments. Today, I want to speak about the real thing. Growing vegetables. Being a farmer.

Throughout the year, I try to eat as much locally grown food as possible. My supper shouldn't have more frequent flyer miles than I do. Ideally, my food should come from my own garden, but I live in a place where it's only possible to grow window box herbs and the occasional tomato plant.

Memories of gardens past sustain me. Oh, the tender lettuce in spring. I had so much that I used to give it away. How I remember the warm, rich scent of tomatoes growing in the sun! Eating a fresh-picked  tomato in the field is a sensual, spiritual experience.

Dreams of future gardens sustain me. Next time, there will be a small orchard. A patch of grain. I want to breathe hope onto each seed before it is planted.

The gardens of my present are tended by others.  By shopping at the farmers' market, at least I know the names of the farms, and have met the farmers and their employees. My produce comes from their hands to mine.

Goddess bless the farmers. May this harvest continue to completion. Let winter be a time of rest and rejuvenation. May the springtime bring gentle rains and warm days. May everything grow with abundance through the summer. May we meet again. So mote it be!

These are the farmers who sustain me. I thank you from deep within my heart.

Adair Vineyards
Gaia's Breath Farm
Kontoulis Family Olive Oil
Meredith's Bread
Migliorelli Farm
Northwoods Apiaries
Orwasher's Bakery
Phillips Farms
Pomona Orchards
Ronnybrook Farm
The Orchards of Concklin
Tierra Farms
Yuno's Farm
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 The autumnal equinox is upon us. It 's a time of balance, and of resolute determination to finish what we have begun. The nights will soon overtake the days. We must hurry and finish what we have begun. We must reap what we have sown and nurtured through the summer. Have we provided well for ourselves, or have we let the opportunity of the year slip on past? Goddess has endless bounty to share with us, but only if we tend our gardens with love and attention. A bit of water helps, too.

I am content with my personal harvest. It has been a good and creative year. Yarn has been spun. Some has been knitted, and much has been woven. I have made peace with my loom and I have a vision for the way weaving should be.  I've created community out of nothing more than a bit of yarn and the intense hunger to being surrounded by people like me. I am taking steps to live more lightly on the Earth, and I have decided to take better care of this body, for it is the only one that I shall have in this life.

How is your harvest? Have you been fruitful?

Today, I walked on the headland. As long as this place is home, I shall take myself to the sea and celebrate the seasons. The wind was a bit sharp in its urgency. I let it blow away anything I no longer needed. I pictured the future blowing in. As I turn deeper and deeper into the spiral of the year, moving from the sunlight toward the quiet place in my heart, I am looking for practical answers. HOW will I make the Indigo Spiral Studio into reality? WHERE will I find the right piece of land? WHEN will this unfold? AM I following the right road into the future? These are the questions I will take into the darkness. All these are good questions while the Sun is in Virgo. All these are good questions to be pondered on the long evenings ahead.

Bring on the falling leaves, the cold nights and mornings. I am ready to turn inward. 

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I am most grateful to have made my way through the Gratitude Project.  I'm not good at doing anything repetitive, and the only way I managed to finish is by allowing myself the freedom to post when I had words on my tongue, and just visualize my gratitude when I did not.

Yesterday's gratitudes were many.  Warm afghan on my lap in the morning chill, cosy contentment in my fiber studio at the Aerie, another sock nearly finished, snuggles and purrs from my beloved Amber.

Today, I am grateful for the Equinox, a time of balance, and a time of anticipation for the journey inward. It's time to stop gathering and take one last look outward before turning toward the heart, turning to understand and use the things that I have sown, nurtured and harvested. 

It doesn't feel like autumn yet.  The leaves have not begun to turn. There's a lesson in this. We cannot be bound by the calendar, by the relentless march of time. We must act when we are ready, and not because the calendar says we must. The leaves understand this, turning color as the tree's life force retreats inward, blazing with color and, at the perfect moment, letting go.  Surrendering to free fall.

I remember the early autumn a few years ago. Yellow leaves were drifting down on Mabon. My mother and I went out in the garden and started chasing them, laughing as the skittered away from reach. Eventually, we each caught one. Such good memories.

Are you celebrating Mabon or the Equinox today?


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