Mar. 29th, 2008 08:33 am
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It's officially spring. I saw a robin in the garden this morning. Things are stirring in the earth. Green shoots have emerged. She has awakened.

This is one season I have no trouble at all living in my body rather than in my mind. I love the combined caress of cool breezes and gentle sunshine. I take joy in walking in the rain. I savor the promises fulfilled by Mother Earth, the very promises that kept me going through the darkest nights of winter. Seeds have been sown, and many will take root and sprout.

Soon, I'll be sipping tea on my neighbor's terrace.

Soon, I will be studying reiki again, this time at a beautiful old house by the sea.

But now, I am sipping tea by the window, looking out at the sun-swept garden.

Now, I am still integrating my first reiki attunements into my daily life, getting to know the energy that pulses through my palms and radiates through my whole being, and remembering the blessing-soaked hilltop in midwinter.

It's so easy to get caught up in the future that you forget the Now.

Now is the gentle tap, tap of the carpenter working at the Inn next door. It is the scent of my tea. It is the soft purr of my little brown cat. It is the small clouds drifting by.

What is your Now on this Goddess-given beautiful morning?
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Opening the front door each morning is an act of joy.

I am imbued with the beauty and love that surrounds me.

I am filled with the Goddess-given light of the Now.

A note on affirmations:
Each year, I make affirmations rather than resolutions. As a witch, I have learned that to manifest something in my life, I have to will its existence so strongly that it BECOMES reality. Affirmations are always made in the present tense. I am. It is.

My 2008 affirmations bring me in closer touch with the world that surrounds me, draw to me the most positive and joyous energy, and give me pause to live in the moment, in the great Now that is both timeless and fleeting.

I encourage you to declare affirmations for the new year. Focus on the results, not the process. What do you affirm?


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