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 It's been a week, to say the least. I'm here now and all is just wonderful. 

I'm also exhausted. Vacation can be tiring.

I was shocked that plumber has been here since Wednesday. I shudder to think of the bill. The Aerie never had it so good., All the faucets are now subtly gleaming levers in brushed nickel, easy on my poor old hands. So much better than the amorphous moderne blobs that were here before. However, there are gaping holes in the walls, covered in cardboard and duct tape, out of deference to Amber Cat.

I don't remember plumbers being so messy or slow. Jerry, Goddess rest his spirit, was the best plumber ever, and I miss his skilled hand. I have never understood, and therefore struggle to forgive his suicide. If you are listening tonight, old chap, I miss you. I wish you had lived to fix the Aerie. The new chap hasn't a clue.
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I remember writing about the death of my plumber a few years ago. I found myself talking to his spirit today, about a small and mysterious leak behind my bathroom wall.

His death still troubles me, after all this time. Perhaps he is still troubled by it. May he find peace in knowing that I still think of him when things spring a leak. He was a damn fine plumber.
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It seems many lives ago that the plumbing at Maplehurst was wearing out, inch by tedious inch. The same journeyman plumber, stuck with night and weekend call, showed up and fixed my problems competently and cheerfully. When he got his own master’s license, I switched my business to his new company, and eventually, all my pipes were replaced in gleaming copper and I didn’t think much about plumbing and plumbers, if at all.

It must have been ten years ago that I read in the paper that he tried to kill his wife. He was found guilty. I don’t think any of the news articles ever explained what drove such a genial man to attempt murder. It puzzled me and bothered me then, and it still does, now.

Now, I just read in the paper that he was found dead in his van. Not homicide, but the ‘suspcious death’ of a man who had served two jail terms and no longer held a plumber’s license.

This morning, a good bit of my bathroom ceiling fell down because of a small but insidious leak in the plumbing above.

OK, Jerry. That was not funny and you were not here to fix it. I wish you peace in the place beyond this world.


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