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 This ordinary witch takes the time between the second and third harvests to face Death.

Does that thought make you uneasy?  Why?  We will all die someday. I don't plan to do it anytime soon. What I do plan is to have my legal affairs in order so that I won't leave a mess behind when someday I do depart this life.

Every year at this time, I review my will and make any changes that are necessary. I review my insurance beneficiaries.  I make sure that my cat's designated guardian is willing to serve that role should he be called upon to care for her. I review my living will/health care proxy documents. I can face the long nights of winter much better, knowing that in the bright days of early autumn, I took care of these necessary things.

I also spend time facing Death on a more spiritual level. Have I been nurturing my life and my relationship with Goddess? Have I harvested good things, or have my efforts withered from neglect? Am I at peace with others and with myself? 

All this is done with love. The passing harvest is what it is. Lessons learned become plans for next year. The first lesson in compassion is to have some for yourself.
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This is my altar from Samhain. I described the ritual itself in a previous entry.

I must have been more dyslexic than usual during the ritual, because I managed to put down everything I picked up on the opposite side from where it began!


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