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The woods of New England are calling me.

When all the leaves have fallen, the weak autumn sun caresses the bark of the trees. Everything is at peace. The tourists have gone home, unaware of the calm beauty of unclothed trunks.

I am going hiking.

There was a time that I knew these woods like I know my own skin. I rambled up and down the hills, sometimes hiking deeply into the silent old places and sleeping lightly under the stars, listening to distant coyote calls and the quiet rustle of smaller creatures making their nightly rounds. This was sacred space, Goddess-given land.

That was twenty years and one bad car accident ago. I am older and far too lame to revisit  the innermost secrets of these woods, but I can and will visit the boundary land between tame and wild, and will savor the gentler paths.

I can do this.

(Goddess bless Salomon for making light-as-air hiking boots that provide full ankle support. Combine these with the right orthotics and I have an amazingly steady foot. I have been wearing these boots in my everyday life, getting accustomed to them and marveling at the freedom that they bring me.)

I may not be posting much, if at all, from the journey. And you can bet that I won't be posting from the woods. I want to savor every blessed minute of it.


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