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Solstice greetings, my dear ones!

I have been wrapped in stillness so deep and beautiful that words seem distant and primitive. This season, I did not have the luxury of a gentle winding inward to the still place of the heart. I stumbled deep into it from the completely opposite space that I occupy in the protests. I am fortunate that wherever I am, no matter how burned out and exhausted, i can find my way home to solitude.

It has been blissful these past few days. No striving, no holding ground against opposing values, no one yelling at me, and no ominous police-soldiers.

All is gentle in the stillness. Dearest Amber cat purrs and sleeps. She is approaching her seventeenth birthday and each day with her is a gift and a blessing.

Indigo cat arrived three weeks ago, though I feel like I have known her forever. She is curious and active, all things a kitten should be.  She lived for two months with a friend of mine, but it was not the right home for her and I was so glad to welcome her into mine..  She and Amber are both gentle spirits and they nurture and comfort each other. 

They nurture and comfort me, too. A duet of purrs is magical and filled with bliss.

But, let me tell you about something else that was ever so magical and prepared me for the tumble into stillness. 

What has nurtured and comforted me was a day spent in the company of Starhawk and Lisa Fithian. They taught a workshop on Deconstructing Empire, where we developed strategies for a long campaign of resistance that would crumble the pillars and foundations of the greed-fueled economic and political structure. 

Then, at the close of the day we went out to Liberty Square for a ritual of community and healing.  This is the park that we occupied for nearly two months, now restored by force to the empty granite wasteland that it once was. 

In the process of healing, and releasing attachment to the park, I could feel the stress leaking out of every fiber of my being.  This is when I realized how burned out I was. It took nearly a week to de-stress, leaving me empty and ready to receive bliss.

May your time in the stillness of midwinter be filled with love, bliss, and especially stillness.

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Each year, I have found that the spiral path into the stillness of the heart takes me a step or two deeper than the previous year. This year's journey has been filled with sisterhood and love, blessings that were very sparse in the past. I am grateful to be priestessing in a circle of women again. We've spent an intense year together, and have been rewarded with the seamless ease of ritual that comes from all the laughter and the tears that we have shared. You know how it is.  A sister looks at the candle holder, only to find that I am pressing a taper into her left hand and someone else has a match at the ready. 

The lesson in the heart is that we are all complete beings, capable of being who we are compelled to be. We are tulip bulbs after all, equipped with all the layers of support that will sustain us and allow us to bloom.

Deep within the frozen ground, O Mother, know that we welcome the shelter and sustenance that we draw from You. The spark of sunlight warms our hearts and we are blanketed and protected by the drifting snow. 

This year I am satisfied with the stillness. I am content to be here, and I am open to the idea that it's time to turn my focus outward again. The first steps toward the light must be gentle and well considered.

I will not arise to greet the morning sun, but I am going to creep to the window in the middle of the night to see the lunar eclipse.  Will you join me?


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