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This prosperity spell uses Earl Grey tea. The distinctive taste of this tea comes from the Bergamot orange (Citrus auratium bergamia), a bitter, pear-shaped citrus fruit that grows in Italy. Traditionally, bergamot is associated with prosperity and the return of riches. Perform this spell in the waxing phase of the Moon, the time of increase.

Gather the following supplies:

Earl Grey tea -- a saucer full of loose tealeaves is preferred *
Green Candle
Green altar cloth
Coins and currency from your wallet
Bergamot essential oil

Create sacred space according to your tradition.

Meditate on what prosperity means to you, being sure to reject the fears, doubts and negative beliefs that have stood in the way of your prosperous life.

Anoint the green candle, coins and currency with Bergamot essential oil. As you anoint the coins and currency, chant this simple increasing progression:

Where there’s one there’s two
Where there’s two there’s four
Where there’s four there’s eight
Where there’s much there’s more!

Focus your energy on abundance and drawing prosperity to you. Visualize having enough money, and a little bit more!

Hold the saucer of Earl Grey tealeaves cupped in your hands. Inhale the fragrance of the leaves and focus on the same visualizations as above.  Begin to chant, slowly and quietly, then growing faster and louder…

Bergamot, bergamot!
The money tree
Fills me with

When the tealeaves are filled with energy, end the spell with:

By the power of three times three
For the greater good,

End the ritual according to your tradition.

Each day, light the green candle and make a cup of Earl Grey tea from the empowered tealeaves.  As you drink your tea, continue your meditations on prosperity.
*About tealeaves:

Please make an effort to obtain the best loose leaf Earl Grey tea that you can. I recommend Adagio Teas ( who stock several Earl Grey variations:

Earl Grey
Earl Grey Green Tea
Decaf Earl Grey
Rooibos Earl Grey (naturally caffeine-free)
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Several Earl Grey teas are also available from Teavana (
Earl Grey
Decaf Earl Grey
Mrs. Earl Grey Flavored
Earl Grey Crème Flavored
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The Witch stood in front of her herb cupboard, thoughtfully opening this tin and that jar, inhaling the fragrant dried leaves within. Nodding gently to herself, she selects a pinch of this and a dash of that, until she holds in the palm of her hand a small saucer of fragrant, colorful and potent herbs. She cups her right hand over the top and whispers an invocation as the energy flows between her hands.

A low sound rises in the otherwise silent room, growing more insistent, filling the room.

She ends her chant, and drops the herbs into the pot.

She turns and silences the screaming kettle, pours out the water, and prepares a hot and fragrant tisane, a nice pot of herbal tea.

I have always been fascinated by the image of the witch as herbalist. I'm just not fond of the foul tasting brews that make up the formulary of the traditional herbalist. Surely there must be some magick in the things that taste good, like rooibos, orange peel, and cornflowers?

I come from a line of tea-drinking women, confident ones who believed in the ritual of wetting the tea leaves and unleashing wisdom and comfort. Gram had a massive kettle on the back burner, big enough to make tea for the whole village, a small army, and all her children and grandchildren. Mom said that during The War (yes, always spoken with capital letters like that), they had to re-use their tea leaves and make do with evaporated milk in cans, but tea was what kept them going. From early childhood, I remember listening to my mother's quiet sip-sip-sip and smelling the comforting fragrance of her tea.

The next rainy day, I shall sit down with a steaming pot of tisane, some catalogs, and my magickal herbal. I am sure that many of the things we drink for pleasure can be consumed mindfully and with the benefit of magick.


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