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What I do in everyday life tends to drift into my spiritual practice. Or maybe it works the other way around. 

The new moon found me practicing a yoga sequence called chandra namaskar which translates to moon salutations. There are many variations of chandra namaskar, but I am practicing this sequence, which originated at Kripalu. As I learned it, the Victory Squat was called the Victory Goddess position.

I practiced by the light of candles on my altar, and after yoga, settled into a meditation that carried me through soft colors into the presence of Goddess.
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It's not easy to write of winter when the temperature is hovering in the mid-forties outside. At least it is a grey and quiet day, and I can draw upon it's comforting plainness to feel the stillness of winter.

I am one week into my winter project of yoga. I've decided that if I can practice five times a week, I will be able to balance life and this project in a way that keeps me sane. Good friends take priority over good intentions. I don't want to sacrifice the evenings I spend in the city with friends for a yoga session.

No, I can't get up early to make time for yoga. On my busy days, I leave the house before eight as it is, spend the day in meetings, relax and dine in good company, and don't return home until near midnight. There isn't another inch of time to spare in those days. Even if there were, my body has to be coaxed into movement, and asking it to stretch before it is awake is courting injury.

What I love about yoga is that your breath meets you where you are and takes you gently into the stretches. You find the edge of the stretch, wherever it is, and as you breathe, you find yourself sliding a fraction of an inch deeper into the pose. Except for the standing poses, I have the same opportunity as anyone of easing toward fluid movement. I don't know if I'll ever have the balance for the standing poses, but I have the support of a strategically placed chair back to steady myself. If I decide to keep on with this, I should look for a portable ballet barre for my hand-grip, because it will have legs at each end, out of my way when I am on the mat.

Something good is happening. I feel taller. I think I'm sitting and standing a little bit straighter. I feel warmer and more aware of my body. THat's what I hoped to gain, more awareness of being.

Early evening is my yoga time. I relish coming into peace and making gentle movement as the sun is setting. I can let go of the day and all it's distractions and return to a world where the trees are sketched against the darkening sky and where I am still in the unfolding spiral of winter.


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