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Jan. 10th, 2012 01:16 pm
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This should be the time of year for a gentle awakening and slow progress from the center of the heart spiral. 

WHOOSH! THUMP!  That was the sound of me being propelled, dazed and unprepared, blinking in the dim light, stumbling into a whirl of emotions and actions. 2012 is starting out as my personal year of the cat, and that has me right in the thick of it all, offering Reiki where needed, being supportive as best I can, helping dear ones and strangers whose furry companions face accident and illness.

It appears I am the Universe's cat toy as well as being that formy own Miss Indigo.

Plans that belong in the in 2015...have been spilling into the present. Seva...the sanskrit word for service..was supposed to be some quiet year on an ashram...then I was going to bring a new cat into my home when all that was done...Indigo arrived in December...and everyone is reminding me that what I am doing in the Occupy seva.  That rescuing Indigo from a home where she was so anxious that she would not seva. That sitting in a vet's waiting room and offering Reiki to  friends and to strangers in seva. It's all here and now, and in a muddle.

I can't crawl back into the spiral.  What's out is out. I asked for all of this, maybe not in the way it came to me, but I just have to open my heart and take what comes.

Other things are calling me.  There's a house for sale, on a hill in the town where I plan to live...sometime in the future. It's an old wreck of an 1860's farmhouse, proud, austere, upright and a little bit imposing for all of its shabbiness.  10 rooms and a couple of acres of land.  Right now I am standing by, watching the asking price slide downward. I want to go visit the house, just peek in the windows, see the view from the front steps, and check out the neighboring properties.  I won't make a realtor's appointment yet, because I want to see the price slide closer to what the house is really worth to me.  Nothing may come of this, but I feel like I need to know now. I can see the front door newly varnished, with an indigo spiral on it.
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