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 At this point on the wheel of the year, I should understand why I am moving forward, know that winter is half through, and be gathering my strength to spring forward.  I should be moving slowly, but free of encumbrance, as I make my way forward.

It looks something like that.  I landed here with a thump, and have been resting and refocusing.  I have been in imperfect health the past three weeks, but am finally on the mend.

I have a good idea of where I am headed on my creative path, and on my path toward home. I am less sure about the company I'll have for the extended journey. I certainly have had some of my burdens slip away. Amber cat is in a better place now, having left behind her frailness when she crossed over.  I no longer have to worry for her comfort.

Indigo cat is an easygoing one, asking little of me and giving much love. She'll be with me on the journey, sashaying along beside me as we reach foreard toward spring.

I am travelling lighter and with more ease now that G and I found our paths diverging last autumn. At one point we had dreams similar enough that they overlapped, but I am preparing to go live mine, and he talks of his dreams and maybe invests them in the next generation. I wish him peace on his journey.

There's a new G (please, can't we have a new letter?) but I don't know how she fits into the journey, other than to inspire me and make me smile. 

I've found a deeper compassion this winter, more personal and less theoretical. I've come to know and care deeply for people across the entire spectrum of the 99%. I've learned to trust my intuition more, and to speak out when I can make a difference.

In the practice of stillness, I have found my voice.

I wish you peace on your journey toward spring. I turn to the east and acknowledge this time of beginnings. In the south, I salute the sun that nourishes my spirit. I turn to the west and remember those that have gone before me. In the north, I honor all things steadfast and true. In the center, I reach up my arms to embrace the Goddess.  Have a blessed Imbolc.
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