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I hope you had a wicked good Beltane. I know I did, and I still am.  This year, the holidays feel out time with the seasons.  Beltaine felt more like Ostara, the earth damp and the wind chilly, except that it came with cherry blossoms at the peak of their perfection. It also came with sisterhood, time spent with my dearest friend from college.

I am still celebrating creativity in my art studio space, the table finally clear enough to have room for a sheet of paper.  I am brush painting with all the vigor that flows through me from the Goddess. The forms are simple, almost meaningless, almost void of form. They are full of nuance and synchronicity. There is mischief in the ink and the paper, and I am willing to let it reign.

Otherwise, there is a riot of flowers on my altar, delicately sweet stock and heady fresia.

Amber has had some wonderful days of late.  She purrs in the sunbeams and sits on her chair next to my desk, watching the letters dance across the screen, quietly approving, softly smiling (yes, cats do smile.)

The gift of this season is to live authentically and to bloom freely.
Blessed be!

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Beltane approaches! Some years, I have been called to very proscribed rituals--the picnic under falling cherry blossoms, or the passionate walk through our gardens at dawn, greeting every living thing by name, and then dancing barefoot in the morning dew.  Sometimes I have woven community, dancing around the maypole with my goddess sisters.

This year, I am drawn to something without structure. J, dearest friend from my college years, is back in the US for a few weeks and we are going to spend the entire day at Sakura Matsuri. How rare is that to spend an entire day with a good friend? So often we rush through our days and flit from thing to thing.

It doesn't matter what we do on Beltane.  It matters how we do it and how we are done by it. Walking in gardens, listening to taiko drumming, catching up on a year's worth of experiences.  Just being in the moment, wherever that takes us.  This will be our Beltane, being in such mindfulness, so alive to the moment, that every cherry blossom, every beat of the drum, is savored with passion and delight.

How will you celebrate your day?


May. 2nd, 2008 02:33 pm
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I spent May Eve with my favorite bunch of witches, dancing out the season in Central Park. We met on a particular hilltop deep within the park, a place where the city is a distant memory. This is old land, gently tended and rich with stillness.

Ribbons and hopes fluttered in the wind. The High Priestess and High Priest knelt at the base of the Maypole, embodiement of Goddess and God, and we circled around them, We danced, weaving our magic and creating the fabric of community. Chants rose up spontaneously, acknowledging life, passion and the Divine. Ribbons grew short, and we ran, circling sun-wise around the Maypole. We tumbled into a heap at the base of the pole and set our energy free, watching the sky still spinning above us. Passion and joy are simple. You just live them. There is no breath for asking questions, only for chanting, laughing, and experiencing joy.

How different from last Beltane when I was a sad stranger at an uncomfortably formal ritual.

Beltane day was time for quiet joy. I arose and washed my face in the dew, and then walked the bounds of our land, greeting familiar trees and plants, and picking a few violets from the lawn. Later, at my altar, I thanked Goddess for getting me to a point where I could feel joy and passion again, and reaffirmed my gratitude for all that blooms in spring.

Then, into the city again to meet G. We walked around in SoHo, where they are filming Julie and Julia, with Meryl Streep. Talked about Julia Child, whom I had met in Cambridge some years ago. Drinks in our favorite bar, looking out at the film crew packing up for the evening. Dinner at our favorite restaurant, followed by a walk in the rain. Mmmmm.


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