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I am most grateful to have made my way through the Gratitude Project.  I'm not good at doing anything repetitive, and the only way I managed to finish is by allowing myself the freedom to post when I had words on my tongue, and just visualize my gratitude when I did not.

Yesterday's gratitudes were many.  Warm afghan on my lap in the morning chill, cosy contentment in my fiber studio at the Aerie, another sock nearly finished, snuggles and purrs from my beloved Amber.

Today, I am grateful for the Equinox, a time of balance, and a time of anticipation for the journey inward. It's time to stop gathering and take one last look outward before turning toward the heart, turning to understand and use the things that I have sown, nurtured and harvested. 

It doesn't feel like autumn yet.  The leaves have not begun to turn. There's a lesson in this. We cannot be bound by the calendar, by the relentless march of time. We must act when we are ready, and not because the calendar says we must. The leaves understand this, turning color as the tree's life force retreats inward, blazing with color and, at the perfect moment, letting go.  Surrendering to free fall.

I remember the early autumn a few years ago. Yellow leaves were drifting down on Mabon. My mother and I went out in the garden and started chasing them, laughing as the skittered away from reach. Eventually, we each caught one. Such good memories.

Are you celebrating Mabon or the Equinox today?
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Gratitudes seem to come in pairs of days,
like the night's sweet dreams that bridge yesterday and today.
Ah, dreams, vivid and joyful,
reminding me that the past may be gone
but it is not forgotten.

It was a lucid dream, all inconsistencies noted,
discussed and accepted.
Would reality have changed if someone had dissented?

It was 1986,
the house, the van, the haircut and clothing all said so.
Yet Amber who was not born yet was there,
and so was an online friend whom I 'met' in 2001.

The fabric of dreams is loosely woven,
sometimes by committee,
and it is not bound by mortal laws.

For this I am deeply grateful.
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Fridays are worthy of gratitude, especially after sharing bread, fruit and cheese with my neighbor. I can relax in the calm of the evening, because I have nothing special that needs to be done.

It's quiet.
I'm free.
Enough has been said and done.
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Today I am grateful for Reiki.

I've had the honor of doing Reiki sessions for two cats this week. One was in person, with a middle-aged Bengal who has hyperthyroidism and is an extremely finicky eater. The other was a distance session for MorningDove's cat.

If you are in need of Reiki for any reason, please let me know. I am willing to give one or two distance sessions per week, at no cost. It's my gift back to the world.
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Today I am grateful for fine tea, and I am going to Ito En to restock my darjeeling and matcha.

In Manhattan, Ito En is the inner sanctum of fine tea and teaware. It is serene and nearly silent, but for the soft sips and appreciative murmurs as customers sample the tea. The staff berw small pots of the tea for you to sample, drawing the water out of a large iron chagama (kettle) with a bamboo dipper.
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From Odilla via Seaivy:

Every day from Lammas to Mabon post one thing you are grateful for
Try not to repeat
(that's August 1 to September 22 for you people not up on fancy names)

August 1 - I am grateful for a good ritual with Lili and her friends at Family Wicca Temple.

August 2 - I am grateful for the rain.

August 3 - I am grateful for the India festival.

August 4 - I am grateful for Amber's purr.

What are you grateful for? Post it on your LJ!


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